Google has created an AI for the diagnosis of eye diseases

Artificial intelligence Google is increasingly used in medical practice. Just yesterday we wrote about the fact that the AI helps patients suffering from cancer, and now it became known that on the basis of DeepMind have developed a neural network that only one picture of the retina can accurately determine the presence of fifty different diseases of the eye.

About the new study, says the magazine Engadget and they say that artificial intelligence for the detection of diseases uses the method of optical coherence tomography (abbreviated OCT). OCT is based on contactless non-invasive imaging of ocular structures. The OCT images are somewhat similar to ultrasound images, but with much higher resolution. This high definition allows you to define different structures and anomalies of development, as something like “biopsies without removal of tissue.”

In your design the team at Google DeepMind has joined forces with the British centre for combating eye disease Moorfields Eye Hospital, which has an extensive database of OCT images. With all the advantages of OCT is this technology has a significant drawback: the processing and interpretation of images takes a very long time (in some cases about a week), and in some conditions it can be fatal for the patient.

The problem of the long decryption solves AI. The basis of the new system is 2 neural networks: one translates raw files OCT in map three-dimensional tissue, then puts the preliminary diagnosis. The second analyzes the three-dimensional map, and verifies accuracy of diagnosis first, simultaneously determining how urgently the patient needs medical assistance. According to leading engineer of Google DeepMind Alan Corticariinae,

“Our map not only allows you to create a 3D model of the eye, but also reveals the disease, indicating in which part of the eye located on its center. The neural network is trained on the 877 14000 OCT scans and three-dimensional images of the eye tissue, tested by qualified experts.”

At the moment the AI successfully tested on the territory of the Moorfields Eye Hospital and if it will continue to show himself good – it will use throughout the UK.

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