Google found a new vulnerability in the browser edge Edge center of the Ignore of Microsoft

قوقل إيدج مايكروسوفت

قوقل إيدج مايكروسوفت

Found team “project zero” Project Zero, a subsidiary of Google on a vulnerability of moderate severity in the browser Edge than Microsoft, and this is since November 2017.

Andpublished Google the details of the gap by a few hours, and that after the expiration of 90 days since the notification to Microsoft that have not yet closed it, without even talk or answer message Google.

The gap exists in the Processor implementation The code code within the browser, as it can be for hackers to run malicious code and bypass the protection system of edge-to plant malicious software within the computer memory.

Previously, the same team that found a loophole earlier in the browser’s edge, a team scans systems and various applications to find the gaps where he played a prominent role in the discovery of gaps in Intel’s “Milton downs” Meltdown, and then “spectre” Spectre.

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