Google forced to approve the installation of alternative app stores for Android

Google has the right to prevent the users of Androiddevices to install and use app stores other than Google Play. This decision was made, the European Commission engaged in investigation of obstruction of the search giant to promote competition by forcing manufacturers to install on smartphones with the operating system branded applications and services for profit and control the market.

According to PocketNow, it all started with the fact that the Google Play Protect antivirus interfered with the installation on the Android smartphone app store, Aptoide, calling him malicious and automatically removing the installation file from memory. Then the user Aptoide appealed to the European controller with a complaint against Google in which there are signs of impeding the development of competition in the market. Following the treatment, it was decided to impose company orders on elimination of violations.

Alternative app stores for Android

According to representatives of the claimant, the prohibition on interference with the setting extends not only to Aptoide and other app stores, and is valid on the territory of 82 countries, including all countries of the European economic area, as well as the US, UK and India.

The decision of the European antitrust Commission will allow Aptoide to increase the audience of the active users is not less than the 2.2 million forecasted by the store representatives. This is a serious figure even by the standards of Google Play, and Google understands this. That is why, says the guide Aptoide, the search giant opposed the installation of the client to access the same distribution platform applications.

Earlier it became known that Google has forbidden to demand from smartphone makers to preinstall them together with Android OS your applications and services, whereby the company announcedthat moves to a new model of distribution of the firmware. In the framework of the search giant plans to distribute the software solely for a fee which can reach $ 40.

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