Google Flights can now predict whether your flight will be delayed


Help available big data by Google in helping to improve the travel experience through such services as Google Flights. Having said that, it has announced Google Now for the arrival of new features to Google Flights to search for plane tickets.

The first feature released by Google today will help users find cheap flights, and will begin company Google in providing more specific information on the price of tickets to cheap flights. This new type of flights of the economic core may not provide the option to carry baggage or the option to choose your seat, so will Google Flights this information to American and Delta and United.

As for water the third new brought Google to Google Flight, they are the ability to stop time for a delayed flight. Used Google a set of historical data and information of the last flight, as well as technology and artificial intelligence to predict the delay of the flight. Will also Google Flights information about the reason for the delayed flight to keep passengers informed. Will the predictions of the delay only if the Google algorithm like 80% sure of what will happen.

Search for flight information, write down only the airline and flight number or flight route ( New York to Riyadh ) Google will know everything about that trip.



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