Google Fit received a big update

Google introduced an updated version of the fitness app Fit. It has a new design and a new fitness goal.

The key innovation is the Scores of cardiovascular (Heart Points) and Minutes of activity (Move Minutes). The user can earn simply by speeding up the pace of walking, or going out on cross country training (then the points will be doubled). Well Move Minutes show how long you are sitting still.


In the initial setup of the application you will be asked to set a daily goal for Heart Points and Move Minutes. The progress will be displayed in the form of rings, which are filled throughout the day.

A suitable accessory for Google Fit, smart watches Wear OS, which can help with heart rate measurement, as well as provide more accurate data due to the presence of various sensors. It is possible that in the autumn the presentation, Google will make special emphasis on the fitness capabilities of smart watches Pixel Watch and Google Coach.

In addition, the updated Google Fit will be to receive cards with tips and information on how an active lifestyle affects health.

Google Fit version 2.0 will be soon available for download and Android Wear OS. If the store Google Play is not yet available the new version, you can already download the apk installer from here.

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