Google Files Go is now faster in file and in put more


In the past year, the company Google launched Google Files Go, and for those who have not heard about this app before, it basically is a Application to manage files targeted at emerging markets because it has been stripped of many elements to make it occupy less space in Devices, and also uses the internet less during upload. It now appears that Google has made the app better by increasing the speed of transportation in the put away.

According to Google, they are stated by saying : ” choose Google Files Go the fastest way to send the files available on your phone, such as the 5GHz Wi-Fi Direct, so you get the highest transfer speed possible. Experienced users speeds of up to 490 megabits per second, four times faster than before, or send 100 image quality of the original in less than five seconds “.

That’s not all, it has been to update the application also to support the communication faster between devices, where Google Inc that would take five seconds to connect the devices to each other. As you say it’s easier to find the devices to share files with it, as the app has been updated to be more secure thanks to the encryption as well as Check to make sure that you’re sending the file to the appropriate person. Must be the update is already available, if you use this app already, you can check if this update is available to you.



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