Google figured out how to eradicate malware from Google Play

Over the years, Google Play developers Google seemed to have exhausted all avenues in the fight against malicious applications. What they did to protect users from infection, but not a week goes by, in the directory again penetrated all sorts of Trojans and virus programs. Then, realizing that she used the technique of counter was not effective enough, Google decided to approach this issue from the other side.

To reduce the number of malicious apps infiltrating Google Play, and if possible to get rid of them at all, Google intends to focus on new developers, even if this will require additional time. The new initiative suggests that their applications will be checked with special care, because, as practice shows, the spread of the virus programs do the authors, previously unpublished in Google Play.

Security Google Play

Google declined to say how it will be checked for new developers with their applications, but clarified that her chosen method has shown its efficiency in the framework of test validation. Most likely, the company will simply combine the hybrid analysis method, which involves automated analysis of the application code with sample cross-checking by a live person. About the way Apple operates, which is sometimes still allows in the App Store with potentially dangerous functions.

In my opinion, Google risks making a big mistake if you bet on a careful inspection of new and introduced themselves to the developers, believing that it will lead to the eradication of malware. Many attackers have realized that there is absolutely no reason to release in Google Play its own app if you can successfully parasitize on other people. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in fraudulent campaigns, based on advertising networks, which unite popular and bring their authors even more money than a program-clickers or keyloggers.

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