Google explains in detail how ” Top Shot ” on phones Google Pixel 3


It is safe to say that the Google company has made significant progress on the level of quality of cameras in smart phones over the years. While phones Nexus have camera quality and modest in the best case, this changed as soon as the advent of phones, the Google Pixel which also come packed with several features that take advantage of the capabilities of the camera in these smartphones, and one of these features we mention the Top Shot that are trying to capture the moment ” better “.

Similarly for Live Photos of Apple, this water picks up seconds before and after pressing the Export button to try to give the images more context, or in the case of Top Shot, giving users more options in relation to choosing the very best moment in the picture. Now in a publication on the official blog, revealed to US company Google for some details about how this feature works.

According to Google, they reveal to us about the details regarding the things that happen behind the scenes during open the camera application, and what are the things that you are looking for a program, such as the optical flow of the image and time of exposure, and whether the item in the picture is smiling or not, etc.

Talked Google is also about the process which has been developed with this feature, and how to understand it because she gathered all this information you can not consume a lot of energy, and we had to design this concept. In fact, this company is the joint that was published by Google company on her blog offers us insight into the amount of ideas that have been invested in this feature, so if you want to learn more, he moved up to the city official to buy Google for details.


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