Google explains how it will work gestures with Pixel 4

I offered Google features Motion Sense own phone Pixel 4 as explained how you can use it to store music files and muting calls and even interact with Pokémon Pikachu, and all this without laying a finger on your phone or touch it.

This function by Project Soli, a technique that relies on radar has been developed by Google, and Google has stated that the phone Pixel 4 is the first smart phone by a sensor of the radar, which would provide faster lock safe for the face on any smartphone.

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The company says that the feature Motion Sense allows the phone consultation when you arrive to him and prepare to unlock it or maybe reduce the level of sound if you’re trying to mute it. Also have added Sabrina Ellis from Google that the user will be able to turn water on or off at any time, in addition to that the actions of the gesture recognition will be locally from the device directly, without saving any information or share it with the services of Google other.

Project Soli is the work of a team of Google’s advanced technology and projects (ATAP), which work on the technology over the past five years. I have created this feature originally for use in smart watches, speakers, smart, and will now for the first time on a smart phone with a Pixel 4.


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