Google experience ” performance review ” to the search engine’s controlled factory for the Chinese market

Google Company

Allegedly a new report from The Intercept that the executives at Google say they conduct an evaluation of the secret online search engine controlled developed by the company for the Chinese market. Tighten Chinese government control internet content in the country, and because of that, does not allow foreign companies such as Google launching its services in the country unless its local laws strictly.

The report adds that a small group of senior executives at Google are reviewing the performance of the project ” Dragonfly“, a project which aims to basically launch a search engine is censored in China. The performance review process this year in Google, to assess the developments ‘ employees. Allows staff to classify projects to each other then the results are evaluated by management.

In the case of Dragonfly, The cancel on the peer reviewed. He says two of the sources Google mentioned in the report that this procedure is unusual to a large extent so that the executives created a separate set of ” audit committees ” enclosed, which includes senior executives who have been briefed all on the project Dragonfly in advance. There were criticisms within the company where the staff is not satisfied with this controversial project.

The company said Google in the last year they are not currently considered to the launch of the Dragonfly. The report states that work on the search engine controlled level but the company says it ” will no longer work on this project, and it was transferred to members of the team to work on new projects “.

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