Google expanded the capabilities of Assistant

Google has added a new Assistant functionality, which is designed not only for smartphones but also for other devices with this intelligent assistant.

Even at Google I/O Google released a new software solution Google News in order to help users get acquainted with the news in a more convenient way. So the news was always on hand yesterday, Google extended the best features in the Google News functionality devices with Google Assistant, according to Shai Krishna (Sai Krishna) on the resource page

Google has integrated News from Assistant

Smart displays Google Assistant has already appeared on the market. This device Tassinari that allows you to watch and listen to news on various topics. Users are offered hundreds of news sources from which they can choose from. They include CNBC, CNN, Cheddar. Everything you need, just say “Hey Google, what’s the news?” (“Hey, Google, what’s the news?”).

Google Assistant will find relevant videos in YouTube and play them on Smart Display (smart display) of the user. Assistant in smart columns, the likes of Google Home, will read excerpts from news articles. The list of publishers is constantly growing.

All of these functions on 11 August 2018 became available on Android phones and soon will support Android Auto and headphones support Assistant. Today this solution is available only in the U.S. but plans to offer it on the world market.

The extension of the functionality of the software leaders of the technology market means for users to expand the list of tasks performed by the devices. Google is not only develops the world’s most popular mobile operating system Android, but also offers users a huge variety of their products and services, including Google Assistant is among the most important and innovative. Voice assistants are a relatively new approach to the management of digital electronics. Will they become the interface of the future, or for users more convenient and will remain touch screens? Whether the appearance over time, more advanced methods of interacting with mobile devices? The answers to these questions will provide further development of the most dynamic industry, one of the most prominent leaders of which is Google.

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