Google established a research team for artificial intelligence in France


Support of Microsoft in the operating system Windows 10 new feature allows users to connect their phones different, whether iPhone or Android device to the computer, which allows them to complete what they are doing on any device, such as a starting address on an Android phone or iPhone and then continue browsing on iPads running the Windows 10.

The process of connecting your phone to a computer the ability to send images, text, etc from the computer to the phone, in order for the users of Windows 10 from the tap water, you should follow the steps as follows:

Way to connect your smartphone to Windows 10

– The user stops to Settings then choose Phone.


– The user logs on to a Microsoft account, and then presses the option to Add a phone.


– The user enters the phone number, then presses the button Send.


– Will the user message comprising a link to install the Microsoft edge browser on the user’s phone, once installed, the user enters the data to your Microsoft account.


– After that restart the user’s computer, to see that the phone has become listed in the phone section under Settings, with a note create a contact between the phone and the computer.

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