Google enables her assistant digital repay your debts by voice command one

Explained to Google that the new feature is currently available for Android phones and iOS in the United States only.

It is known that the main function of aid digital focus in facilitating the lives of people by voice command. One of the things that people find discomfort in their implementation are the financial issues and support via electronic devices, if one of your family members or your friends have it or you da one, has become assistant Google Google Assistant is able to complete tasks by voice command one.

Today, Google announced Thursday that her assistant digital support is to repay debts to friends and family through voice commands only, it is now possible for the order of the assistant by saying: “send $ 5 to (flan) for pizza”. It will do it immediately.

The company said in a post on her blog: “don’t worry if you haven’t already subscribed in Google Pay – you will be prompted to set up your account once you ask the plugin to send money to your contacts”. The same is true on the other end if you don’t have a Google Account Pay, it will receive an e-mail, text message, or notification process.

It should be noted that the new feature is currently available for users of Android and iOS in the United States only, to arrive in the coming months to early and the pictures that Support Assistant Google digital, such as Google Home.

Do you think that the new feature useful? And will you use if it were available in my country? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google enables her assistant digital pay off your debts about the audio one

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