Google Duplex up to some users phones camera Pixel

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جوجل دوبلكس يصل إلى بعض مستخدمي هواتف بيكسل

Started Company Google to provide the communication service over the internet named Google Duplex Google Duplex for the owners of devices phones Pixel in the selected cities within the United States, including New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and the Bay Area of San Francisco, considers this service as a system of artificial intelligence revealed by the company during its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018, where they make calls on behalf of users help Google smart Google Assistant, bringing a human voice instead of the voice of the robot, moreover, This new technology is able to understand complex sentences rapid speech, notes long.

And this new technological sensation since it was unveiled, making some feel restlessness, while discussing other ramifications of privacy, which prompted the company to try and explain the technique of Duplex, view details about how they work, and Google on making the system knows himself to ensure that users understand they do not talk to the person, and uses Google technology mix dog WaveMet of the company DeepMind for generating the voice and manner of pronunciation that is similar to humans, with included slang words often being used within the modern human such as “um” and “uhh’s” and “mhmm”.

And services duplex Duplex with limited functionality at first depending on the to it was still under testing, so you can’t currently make calls only in English, but they are able to book an appointment at a restaurant with the sound seems normal, as I mentioned Google before, Can business activities that do not want to receive calls unsubscribe individually during the conversation or by referring to the lack of attention to the Office of the information duplex for bookings through the account of the business activities over the internet.

Google explained “We are currently working to increase the ability to book restaurant reservations through the Assistant Google Google Assistant over the phone using the technique of Duplex, to assist in providing a good experience for users of phones Pixel the and companies, we have started the process of the slow, to be expanded to include more users of the cell phones Pix soon in conjunction with the increase of the potential of the service”.

The user needs to activate the Assistant Google smartphone Google account in order to make the Google service Duplex booking in one of the restaurants on behalf of the user, and then request via a voice command to do this “Hey Google, make a booking for a table at a restaurant in Manhattan”, and then answer a few questions to narrow the range of choice depending on the quality of the food or by restaurant name.

The Assistant works to ensure the details before making Duplex call, such as the question about the number of persons, which is limited at present to 10 people, and in the event that the number of people above this limit, the plugin reminds you that he can’t make bookings numbers largest to date, as required assistant to the booking date with the proposal of the days within the current week, however, the service gives you the possibility to book a date after several months.

And after the completion of the booking process display details related to that process or to cancel your reservation from the screen of My Reservations, which appear to the user list included with all bookings that have been automatically imported from the email account Gmail Gmail or bookings that have been manually added to the Google Calendar.

The gate Arab News Technical Google Duplex up to some users phones camera Pixel

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