Google Duplex up to some of the owners of the phones Pixel

جوجل دوبلكس يصل إلى بعض مالكي هواتف بيكسل

It seems that the company Google American manufacturer of the operating system of the world famous “android” give the identity of their own Smart “Pixel” recently special attention as an attempt from them to provide independent support for those phones and distinguish them from the rest of the smart phones offered by other companies and run the same operating system.

It has already been and we talked about the new developments provided by the company Google in the new update and develop their camera phones Pixel camera which made filming even more gorgeous in low lighting which has become an obsession among many when buying a new phone and you can read more details about this application through the following topic “new update of Google Voice for the best in night lighting”

Ever Google announced this year during the annual conference of the new technique depends on the characteristics of artificial intelligence are working on Google strongly in the recent period enables the regular user of a tapped book appointments at multiple stores so that artificial intelligence says instead of you making a phone call to health and determine the appropriate resource according to your own and then also add the date reserved new to the list of your notepad, We can say that the artificial intelligence that technical and says shop assistant personal real to the fullest but that technology won’t be available to return immediately after the conference it has been said it will be by trial during the following months after the conference, but today have begun to emerge publicly.

According to a report on the site “VentureBeat” the famous, the company Google has begun to launch a limited offer Google Duplex “Google Duplex” for a limited range of users of its phones pixels in some American cities as an experiment, so that the New carrying important development of this time where it enables you to order food from all the restaurants, even non-contracting with Google, which shows how much progress the findings of that report and submissions on restaurants and will be expanding it to include beauty salons as it was declared in Congress before that.

Google maintains itself on the map time to the education experience on all phones pixel resolution around the world and to expand it to the rest of the smart devices is phones pixels.

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