Google Drive with Voice VoIP for Google Voice users soon

Start companies Google soon in the pay advantage of Voice VoIP to all users of Google Voice, where this feature enables app users to make calls in the account via Wi-Fi.

google-Voice VoIP call support

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Expect a lot of users of Google Voice launch feature Google’s new VoIP that allows users to make calls in their account by calling بWi-Fi network, today start Company Google in the launch of this feature for users.

Has over Google Inc. from the experience of the advantage of VoIP in the demo version of Google Voice, and then confirmed on the launch of the water close to in the service through a tweet, an ad posted on Twitter, as confirmed by Scott Johnston previously on Google’s plans to pay water users also during the next week.

It is planned to be available to the users choice. to make calls as well as data networks, where calls can be made over Wi-Fi also in the account of the user, in order to support the user in locations where there are no cell phone or coverage of the mobile networks.


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