Google does not use the closure of Google News in Europe

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جوجل لا تستبعد إغلاق خدمة Google News في أوروبا

Company refused Google exclude the idea of closing the service of its News called Google News in the countries of the European Union, where they encounter giant sea fierce battle with Brussels about the EU’s plans to impose a tax on the links used in the news, said Richard ginger the reflection of Richard Gingras, vice president of the company news section, it is desirable to close the service, except that the company is very concerned in regard to proposals to the current, which is designed to compensate publishers outlets defaulters in case of the appearance of excerpts of their articles in search results.

Said the deputy head of the police news section in the modern the British newspaper The Guardian that the future of Google News Google News may depend on whether the EU is ready to change the formulation of the legislation, added, “We can’t make a decision until we see the final version,” he recalled the last time that I tried where the government charged a fee to Google for links, which is what happened in Spain in 2014, the company responded by closing Google News in the country.

Spain made a law requiring the cantonments to pay a fee for links in the news, in an attempt to support print media, Google responded by shutting down the service for consumers Spaniards, which caused a decline in traffic to news sites, the Spanish, the said Richard, ginger. the senses: “we don’t want to see that happen in Europe, and what we want to do now is to work with stakeholders”.

The publishers are traditional a difficult relationship with Google, so blame them in obtaining a lot of advertising revenue that supported newspapers printed, however, many of them depends heavily on the service of Google News to guide millions of readers to their website, which can help increase digital revenue.

And in March Google has strong pressure against European legislation relevant you would enter “tax confusion”, known as Article 11, Article, the legislation of the facilities labeled Article 13 Article, which has been designed to ensure the payment of guaranteed content material uploaded to sites like YouTube and support these proposals by the members of the European Parliament.

Google hopes to influence the European Commission and the member states in the European Union before the ratification, where the European Union is one of the few organizations large enough to force changes at major tech companies like Google and Facebook, which in turn does not want to lose access to 500 million European citizen, which puts Brussels at the heart of many battles over the future of the internet.

The official claimed that the proposed tax could affect the ability of news sites to find new audiences through Google, and said that it may lead to see consumers less number of news stories in search results, also confirmed that Google News was not a business activity is profitable to the company directly.

Admitted to Richard that the company has encouraged users to spend more time on company sites on the web, but that the news service does not include ads, and it is not a regular source of income for Google, said: “We believe it is valuable as a service to the community, are proud of its being desired by people”.

The gate Arab News Technical Google does not use the closure of Google News in Europe

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