Google Do Android updates on the companies with penalties for violators

In order to protect the ecosystem for Android and keep his reputation, will start Google by requiring manufacturers updates security patrol on the devices.

In detail, the manufacturers of Android devices support two years of security patches, so that must be the first year with a minimum of 4 updates to differentiate between each update and the other 3 months, and there is a certain limit for the second year. Most importantly, that at the end of each calendar month, you need to repair any holes discovered since more than 90 days.

Subject to this convention, all the phones announced after January 31, 2018, but the intensity, focus Google the popular of them, namely that used by 100,000 users or more. But beginning from January 31, 2019 and will play it to everyone, that with respect to the violator for the deprivation are likely to use the Android system in its future.

To ensure the system is developing quickly recall that previously launched Google Project trips that would access the system updates; will be directly from Google for all users, thanks to the separation of updates Google devices supporting of the modifications of manufacturers who know the duties of the user so that access updates the basic system of Google, then append the amendments to the manufacturers via a later update.

Source: The Verge

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