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When they adopted the Google system of gestures and Android 9 as a way to have one phone instead of the buttons don’t like a lot of manufacturers of smart phones who use the system, so sought to create their own system, but with Android 10 (Android Q) may resemble the gestures and effects of war and accompanying those of the iPhone, which is what you might like manufacturers of Android devices.

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Enable developers of XDA have access to the list of Developer options to the phone Pixel 2 XL running Android version Q of the pilot, revealed a number of options gestures which when activated adds changes to the current system, including:

  • Drag the navigation bar to the right freely enjoy the aesthetic more smoothly during the change task.
  • Drag to the left to return.
  • Swipe up from the navigation bar takes you to the Home screen, instead of the open applications recently, and provides the effect of a new collective.
  • Swipe up from the navigation bar with a stop for a moment displays open applications recently.
  • Drag up from the bar to the Dock takes you to the app.
  • Swipe down from anywhere Home screen displays the Notification Center.

The bottom line is that new gestures resemble those of the iPhone to a large extent, it seems the difference is the presence of the back button, but it had been rumored before removing it and exposing him to drive to the left.

One of the new changes includes the availability of a longer time to retrieve the apps that were removed by mistake from the apps view open recently.

We can’t be certain that Google will adopt a system of gestures is not new, but standardization of the system of gestures to Android phones remain in demand is important, and we can expect to confirm Google officially features Android Q when the official announcement scheduled for his mother to developers early May.

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