Google development assistant digital health and fitness on behalf of Google Coach

For Google ads for the past three years, we find that she was focused on artificial intelligence techniques, seems to be the next destination for the company’s health and fitness, which will depend a lot on what you currently own abilities in artificial intelligence.

According to Android Police, the Google company work on the development of the intelligent assistant for health and fitness named the “School of Google – Google in Kochi” Google Coach. The site pointed out that the name could change before launch, “but Google already has a lot of ideas in the pipeline of how the work of this service”.

The site said that Google Coach won’t be just a tracker for two, it will help you stay active a significant part of his job. And because Google owns you a lot of health data, fitness, Google Coach, which is also known internally as Project Wooden, will benefit from that data to offer it to you proactively.

The advise you Google Coach to do with a product or routine exercises, and then track your progress, and give you alternatives if you miss a workout planned previously. And when you get to the gym, the assistant can smart log your activity and use that data to make suggestions for the future.

It will help you Google Coach also in the control of feeding you and offers you the recommendations of foods. For example, you may be able to get a recommendation request healthy food based on your location and. If you prefer cooking at home, then the intelligent assistant that the longer you menu and weekly shopping list sent to your email.

According to Android Police for Google to Google Coach may be able to use the calendar data to find out the number of meals that need planning.

Given that Google Coach will be watching a lot of aspects of your health, there is a possibility to increase the number of notifications that will send them to you. So Google hopes to address that by building notifications talk.

Will focus Google’s launch of Google Coach system Wear OS, that is available for smart phones but with less. Also think about the company at its launch later, the Android system T-in, Google home, and other devices.

What do you think about the capabilities of Google Coach is? Let me know in the comments.

The Google development assistant digital health and fitness on behalf of Google Coach was first deployed in the are.

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