Google developed the ” Google Coach ” to be a fitness instructor in your wearable devices

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Google used increasingly progress in the field of artificial intelligence to launch new experiences and powerful. It is reported that one of these experiments are Google Coach. He’s trained health and fitness based on artificial intelligence designed to assist in training users on how to live in a better way.

The report indicates that it is likely that Google change the name of the final experiment before it is released, but it is said that there are a lot of ideas being already Setup on how to proceed in this service.

It’s much more than just track activity of the body, you will also be a focus on helping users to stay active. Would benefit Google of data they have about users to provide data relating to the health and fitness proactively. Therefore, the Committee recommends that the procedures for training, tracking progress, and even recommending alternatives when you change the user for the exercise. Reportedly, helps Google Coach users to track their nutrition to recommend healthy eating for them. You may also be able to create a list of food weekly shopping list to make life easier for users.

You may Google launched Google Coach on the platform WearOS only in the beginning, but may be brought to smartphones, even if that capacity is less compared to the full version that will make Google Inc. exclusive of its organs, the removable wear.


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