Google describes its policy of tracking users ‘ locations on the web applications

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Earlier this week, a report from The Associated Press that even when asking the users of Google to stop tracking their movements, they continue to do so. It seems that this is due to some confusion in the settings of Google, where he had users to move to the section ” Web & App activity ” if they want to disable the possibility of tracking completely.

It now seems that the company Google has decided to clarify the policy of tracking its own to clarify any confusion and doubts that may be I have users. In the help page that describes how to register sites ” Locations History“, are now saying : ” this setting has no effect on the services of other websites on your device “. It also notes that he ” may be saved some of the location data as part of your activity on other services, such as Google Search and Google Maps “.

Basically, don’t Google anything to change the way that tracking users, but just clean up the language that is used to help reduce noise. This means that disabling the trace in the record of the sites ” Location History ” will follow some of your activities, and you will need to go to the ” activity web applications | Web and Apps activity ” to disable it completely.

In a statement to The Associated Press, said Google : ” we have updated the language, illustrations about the record of locations to make them more consistent and clear across our platforms and centres of assistance to us “.


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