Google delete 60 game mined with malware from the Play Store

جوجل تحذف 60 لعبة ملغومة ببرمجيات خبيثة من متجر بلاي
Google delete 60 game mined with malware from the Play Store

The company said the Google subsidiary that it will provide 60 application the games after the company announced the Check Point security discover software malicious new apps available for both children and adults in the Google Play Store.

Said Check Point’s malware ads pornographic and is trying to deceive users to buy certain apps.

A Google spokesperson told ”we remove apps from Google Play, and we stopped the calculations of the developers of this software will continue in the guidance of strong warnings to anyone who installs these applications“.

She said a check point in a blog post Friday that the malicious software known as the (all adult only) hiding inside apps games data Google Play it was installed between three and seven million times.

This application is not within the group that rely on the program helps parents learn age appropriate the content of these applications on the Google App Store.

The company explained that the ads against the inside of apps is not Google ads.

Said Check Point’s malware and trick users to install security applications false you can open the door to other attacks such as theft of user data.

She continued to games and apps for children new target for cybercriminals who targeted by hospitals and governments.

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