Google decides to stop working with Huawei – you have to worry really?

I decided to Google and other US companies to stop cooperation mg Huawei and coordination of all the business between them on the background of the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump the Prohibition of all activities of Huawei within the United States to considerations pertaining to national security.

جوجل تقرر إيقاف العمل مع هواوي - هل يجب عليك القلق حقاً؟

Google decides to stop working with Huawei – you have to worry really?

The decision to ban Huawei within the United States can be read as chapters of the trade war between the United States and China as each country seeks to raise tariffs on imports of other state and pressure politically on them, but that the decision to ban was surprising and unexpected in terms of its entry into force so quickly.

Intel and Ko you were also off work with Huawei, but the effect is larger, broader resonance at the global level will be to Google as based on the development of Android and donors for licensing applications and services essential.

What does Google’s decision, exactly?

There is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and rumors conflicting during the watches last, but according to the proposals, decisions and official even now, things will apply as follows unless the crisis is resolved and the holding of settlement:

  • Are deprived of Huawei and its organs, the current of any updates to major Android in the future.
  • Are deprived Huawei and organs of the future of get Google services.
  • Google services such as App Store and Gmail and YouTube and maps and others will work on Huawei devices present no problems.
  • Will release security updates for Huawei devices current via the Google Play Protect
  • Will Huawei the right to develop a special version of Android being an open source system, but without the inclusion of Google services in it, only the user can later can do it manually.

This is the availability of Google’s decision to now according to the official sources, we in fact don’t expect to use the crisis for long due to the strong impact played by Huawei in the United States is not in the smartphone market but also in the development of the infrastructure networks of the fifth generation, as well as common interests and interlocking with American companies as well as the bargaining power of Huawei being the second largest selling smart phones around the world behind Samsung.

There is a historical precedent similar to that occurred public with the past with the ZTE Corporation, which was punished by the also last year on the background of being accused of selling its products in Iran and South Korea in breach of the decision of the trade embargo imposed by the United States. The lifting of the ban on ZTE after the payment of fines is huge, however the motives of the government of the United States on the Prohibition of Huawei this time is different considering that Huawei through its products and develop networks of the fifth generation, there may be utilized in spying on users in favor of China, which poses a threat to U.S. national security.

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