Google decide to postpone the payment feature Scoped Storage in update Android Q

Decided the search giant postpone the payment feature Scoped Storage in update Android Q next due to some obstacles that appeared in the demo version, which prevents the inclusion of this feature at the present time, to submit in Android R.

Android Q-Scoped Storage

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A feature Scoped Storage one of the nurses that came by the demo version of the Android Q, which come up with the idea of the storage roller in the sandbox for each application gives the application access to other parts of the storage system, except that the demo version of the current revealed some of the problems that lead to disabling the applications as a result of this feature.

This requires the integration of a feature Scoped Storage in the new version actually updated the code for many of the applications to conform to the water, but the deadline to launch the stable version of Android Q won’t let update the interface software to a lot of apps in that short time, so Google decided to push this water gradually until the Android R is scheduled to launch next year.

Recall that a feature Scoped Storage will allow applications run also without the need to the statements of access at the outset, how much would you pay to protect user data.


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