Google consider Applied Arts & Culture via a new update on the Android

قوقل تُنظّم تطبيقها Arts & Culture عبر تحديث جديد على أندرويد

Started services arts and Culture Arts & Culture of Google as a service on the web, and then we saw on phones and mobile devices, during the life time of the application the company added many features as well as comprehensive reforms in the user interface, in turn, the application comes with tools very enjoyable which is dependent on the phone’s camera, these were the tools as separate, but now the company launched a new update for the application from the Android organized this information in one tab is the camera.

So all you need is to get the latest version of Arts & Culture and on the camera icon at the bottom, where you will get a list containing the following features “the Art of the Selfie and the Color Palette and the Art Projector and وPocket Gallery”.

قوقل تُنظّم تطبيقها Arts & Culture عبر تحديث جديد على أندرويد

And detailed tool Art Selfie will allow you to scan your personal photo to find works of art like you, and the Color Palette will be samples matching the colors of the panels the art, the second tool is Art Projector will allow you to see what it would look like artwork in your home using augmented reality technology, and finally know you a tool Pocket Gallery exhibition of works of the painter Vermeer are fully supported on augmented reality technology.

Finally, if you’re interested you can get the application to Arts & Culture through the transition to the pages of the store Google Play from here.

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