Google confirms that “the situation dark” is coming to the browser Chrome on Android

قوقل تُؤكد أن "الوضع المُظلم" قادم لمتصفّحها كروم على أندرويد

Recently added Google feature dark mode browser Chrome for MacOS, but what looking and we have a lot of people is coming this feature is less on mobile phones, especially on Android, and in the update to the same pattern adopted by Google evocation of the dark mode to the browser by this on the Mac, the company confirmed that Chrome on Android will get the default skin to the dark soon.

In the same context, has been monitoring this water coming in Chromium Gerrit, which means that Google will soon begin testing dark appearance for Chrome in the system, in turn also been reports that Google is trying to launch this feature with the announcement of its version of “Android 10” or “Android Q”, therefore it will be launch in the second or third quarter of this year.

But finally, most forecasts suggest the opposite, where I won’t live this Google in first tests, which will launch a “dark mode” in their browser once you have completed the tests successfully, we hope to have it soon.

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