Google confirms that some Android phones came preloaded with the malicious program


Malware on smartphones is not new, although it most often, and can be easily avoided by not download from websites that are suspicious or non-official sources. However, it seems that the control of intelligence in regard to uploads is not enough because Google confirmed recently that there are some Android devices that come preloaded with malware.

For those who are not familiar with what is going on, earlier this year, there was a malware type Trojan called Triada was discovered on a range of Android devices streaming. For that reason admitted to the company Google Now that some Android devices had been compromised already by this malicious program as part of the attack started from the supply chain.

This means that even before the departure of these devices for the doors of the elevator were compromised even before they reach the hands of customers, so that once you restart the phone and connect it with the internet, it was able to pirate delivery to these devices and access to content of users and their data, as well as remote code execution on the device.

Confirmed Google Inc. since then she has worked with the manufacturers of these devices, and the latter has since issued updates over the air of its organs to remove the malware and close the security loophole permanently. However, it is still unclear as is the amount of damage caused by this malicious program.

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