Google confirms again that she doesn’t have plans ” right now ” to launch its own search engine in China

Google CEO Congress, Washington, USA - 11 Dec 2018

Earlier this year, the frequency that the company Google is planning to apparently to return to China. Subsequently, provide the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Sundar Pichai to say that the company is not close to re-launch the Google search engine in China, a position confirmed by Mr. Sundar Pichai again in front of the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Company Google has pulled out of China in 2010, but after the emergence of rumors regarding the possibility of re-launching the Google search engine there, the committee wanted to know what are the reasons that pushed Google to change its mind, where in response to Mr. Sundar Pichai said : ” at the moment we have no plans to launch the product search in China. We are always looking to figure out the best way because it is part of our core mission and principles, we try hard to provide the users of the information “.

He added that if the company planned to re-launch the search engine Google in China, you’ll be completely honest about it so that he stated by saying : ” We have always evidence, based on each country we work in, communicate with and provide more information for users has an extremely positive effect. We feel the support, but at the current time we have no plans to return to China. If we were approaching a decision like this, I’ll be completely honest, including with politicians here. We will engage and consult widely “.

The case does not revolve around the launch of Google’s search engine from new in China, but what happens after that, we heard that the Chinese version of the Google search engine will be controlled and will comply with censorship laws in China restricting internet freedom. There have been reports of employees at the company Google protested it and demanded that the company cancel the project.


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