Google confirming the arrival of the developers of third party applications user data via Gmail

قوقل تؤكد وصول مطوري تطبيقات الطرف الثالث لبيانات المستخدم عبر الجيميل

In response to questions from some lawmakers and concern from the arrival of the developers of third party applications for data users by Friday, the Google reply to their message being actually allow those developers access to that data, but under certain conditions and after the approval of the user, it has been announced Google earlier this year stopped by the use of electronic survey of the contents of users ‘ messages across all for propaganda purposes.

In raised this story, many unanswered questions about the exploitation of Google to serve the sentence provided she did not win 1.2 million around the world, allowing for a large number of applications to benefit from data and information users of Gmail and into account the principle. privacy, to come response the company’s vice president for foreign policy and choosy government Susan Molinari, Google will allow the developers of those apps have access to data users through the Assembly, explaining that to do this process, they need to confirm the approval of the user at the beginning.

She also wrote in its response that the developers are bound to detail how they use that data when requesting access from the user, made it clear that at the time that they get approval allows them to share it, where they can share with a third party as long as they inform users on how to use the transparency on the extent of its expression.

In answer to one of the questions legislators about how they monitor the applications authorized to access that data, she said that the company is using machine learning technology to monitor, in the case of detected changes in the behavior of the application and give it the powers specified are not reviewed manually, and if you are sure to misuse the powers and violation of the terms of use the company will produce the right proof of ownership, buck is blocked from access to user data.

While scheduled to attend a number of officials privacy in the company of Google, a hearing committee of Commerce next week to discuss this issue, would justify Google convincing to the committee or will it take give us a similar scandal Facebook internationalized?

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