Google conference: the declaration on the headset Pixel Buds wireless

Google announced at the conference today to hear about Pix best “Pixel Buds” the new wireless design various and many advantages.

مؤتمر جوجل: الإعلان عن سماعة Pixel Buds اللاسلكية

Revealed on Google’s headset camera Pixel best “Pixel Buds” wireless in the conference day where you will come to the users in the second quarter of next year, 2020 is priced at $ 179 USD.

Featuring a fish by its ability to provide an acoustic experience, as well as their ability to work for 5 hours continuously on one charge, and can get the shipping for 24 hours to support wireless charging of its own.

It also provides a clear feature of the ” spatial vent” which is like a mind control if you will, where the opening in the tip of the sky that allow external sound to the ear of the user or not.

Besides, the handset contains a microphone designed for call clarity better sound when making calls through the speaker.

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