Google closes the shortening service URL

The reduction in URLS, especially with CNC in the Russian segment of the Internet was very useful, and often of place. Yes, it was used by phishers and skamory, but to cut a link out of several dozen words or indigestible character set is sometimes necessary. Google launched its sobresalto in 2009 and added an API for third-party use, the ability to create QR codes and send the link directly to apps on iOS and Android. Even Keanu Reeves was cakrawala URLs, named in his honor ( Alas, Google replaces its own service on Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) on April 13. New smart URLS will allow you to send people to the address to any location in the applications for web and mobile platforms.

After April 13 you will not be able to create new short URLS using, but existing users will be able to manage them through the console in the next year. All the links will work, but the console itself access won’t be after March 30, 2019. Now Google offers to start using FDL or use other services-sokrashenii the type of Bitly and

If you are interested, read more about Firebase Dynamic Links can be found on Google. But it is unlikely you will be interested, if you are a developer.

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