Google closer to the World Cup “Russia 2018”

Avoiding all the eyes of the World Cup in the new Russia, which began its initiatives already providing Google a number of advantages to your nearest Championship sports the months and the largest in the world. One of the most important of these advantages is the improved search that will you the information about each game such as basic statistics, goals, photos, videos summarizing the events of the game also to what you want quickly.

Also fortunately you via a search engine Google tables for groups in addition to the full statistics of the private contest appear when you search for them. One of the advantages of existing also are summaries of events which is available in eight countries, while the users of YouTube T-in in in the United States only entitled to watch all matches in full.

One of the new features also offered by the search engine Google to follow the World Cup 2018 in Russia is the possibility to put a circle on the screen appear as a result of a particular match even when using other applications to look up even when the performance of any other task. And shows the option to add this feature on the browser and the Gmail application itself when you go to the result directly.

The application of Google News also offers a number of new features that are possible to try to keep in touch efforts around the World Cup, while the app offers a summary of the matches via YouTube for certain countries only, namely Brazil, Germany, France, and the United States, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Not only has Google to the modifications carried out by search engine for the World Cup and the amendments to the application to Google News, but also made adjustments to the apps Google Maps and Google Trends you can discover yourself.

In addition, the assistant Google smart Google Assistant can provide you with information about the World Cup where you can call him now and start talking to him make sure you do it on your phone. It is possible to tell your assistant to Google the outcome of the game that does not follow as possible that also tells you the expected result to match the University.

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