Google Chrome will get an alternative system to switch between tabs

Google keeps updating their software products. Sometimes the thought creeps in: “what else can you add and how you will be able to improve something that works so well and is quite functional?”. We are talking about the mobile version of the browser Google Chrome and, as it became known recently, the search giant is testing a very interesting system for displaying and navigation in tabs for Google Chrome. But like she may not be everything.

How does the new ability to switch between tabs Chrome

According to the portal Techradar, the new mode will come with several additional options. Looks like switching between tabs, now you have a special button, clicking on which you’ll see a set of “cards” or miniature copies of tabs that you can scroll to select from. What can offer Google?

The new design presents you with several options: navigation tabs pages in Google, switch to incognito mode, a set of links to recently visited sites, the search bar (complete with voice search option), the options menu, the button for creating new tabs, and, in fact, own tabs. Located now not the list one after the other and tiles two tabs in a row. To assess how it looks, you can in the screenshot below.

Left — old design mobile browser, and the left — new

Such a decision may seem to some to be quite controversial: after all, the new switch tabs instead of its main function just to the eyeballs Packed with additional icons and options, leaving behind the old strict and minimalistic approach. On the other hand, additional functionality is always good. What do you think? Does this update the Google Chrome Browser? Write your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

How to try new design switch tabs Google Chrome

Do not forget that the new design is still in the experimental stage and it is uncertain when it can release game for all mobile devices with browser Google Chrome. And will it appear at all. However, to obtain a new feature and test it yourself will not be easy. To do this, go to the Google Play Store at this link and download there version of Google Chrome for developers.

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Then run the installed mobile browser and try to open multiple tabs and press the button to switch between them. If you still have the previous design, then you shouldn’t worry. Experts have mentioned today portal Techradar has found a way to activate the new design versions of Google Chrome for developers. For this you need to enter in a line of the browser the address “chrome://flags” (without the quotes). And after you visit this page, enter in the search field “enable grid layout tab” (also, as you know, without the quotes). Once the desired item is found, you will see the switch in the off state. Just turn it on and enjoy (or not enjoy) the updated interface.

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