Google Chrome will all HTTP pages as ” unsafe ” as of July

Google Chrome

At this time almost last year, started the browser Google Chrome in the classification of pages based on the HTTP protocol as ” not safe ” when you enter any information. Today, the company announced the next and final step in its strategy aimed at the Defence with your web sites move to encryption Protocol HTTPS.

As of July next, when the browser becomes Google Chrome 68 level, will categorize all pages that use the HTTP protocol as ” unsafe“, as shown in the image below. For webmasters who didn’t move after to the encryption Protocol HTTPS, you will give them evidence of preparation to help them get started and explained the reason for the importance of consultation.


In the past year, progress was made in relation to the rate of rely on IP-HTTPS encryption too noticeable, we 81 among the top 100 sites on the Web are now using this Protocol by default. Moreover, more than 68% of the traffic in the Google Chrome browser on platform Android Windows are now protected, as well as the protection of more than 78% of traffic that are carried out on Google Chrome on my platform ChromeOS and MacOS.



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