Google Chrome for macOS got the support of nocturnal threads

Night theme is one of the most desirable features for the vast majority of users who want it can help to preserve vision, and at the same time and save the battery level of their devices. Therefore, the developers simply had no choice but to implement a naive function of the dimming interface to all applications in a row. Was no exception and Google issued a software update to Google Chrome for macOS that support this mode.

Updated Google Chrome (download), released at number 73, not simply adds support for night theme, introducing the appropriate radio button. This innovation operates at the level of the operating system.

How to enable night mode in Chrome

This means that users of computers running macOS Mojave will not have to activate the night theme in Chrome manually, but it will be sufficient to enable the system function of the dimming interface, as it automatically starts in the browser.

Interestingly, night theme for Google Chrome on macOS is very similar to the design of the incognito mode. The developers decided to use the same colors, making them only a half-tone darker.

Why you need a night mode

However, even in this night, the subject must greatly facilitate the perception of the content in low-light conditions, reducing eye strain of the user, and also have a positive impact on battery life of the laptop, reducing its power consumption.

In addition to night themes in Google Chrome for macOS has been updated a built-in option to synchronize data with the possibility of manual configuration and installation constraints. This is to simplify user control over collection of information. Also worth noting is the icon that appears next to the icon of the tabs, indicating that it has not yet been read, thus preventing accidental closure and also improved algorithms spell check.

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