Google Chrome features that you might not know

Google Chrome is most popular browser in the world. It occupies about 60% of the market, which allows companies not to worry about the introduction of new features. However, this does not mean that Chrome has some interesting features, which can be faced by every user.

We will focus on the section “Additional tools”. I’m sure many have never looked at the possibilities of this section, where the company made convenient functions for quick access. To navigate to this section, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and hover the mouse over the item “Additional tools”.

In this section, located items “Save page”, “Create shortcut”, “Delete browsing data”, “Extension”, “task Manager” and “developer Tools”. We will focus only on three interesting features.

To create a shortcut

Chrome allows you to create a shortcut to the page on the desktop. For example, this is true in the case of PWA (Progressive Web Apps). Placing a desktop shortcut or Twitter Android Messages, you can obtain a fast and versatile PWA-app without having to install the full app store.

The task Manager

This function allows you to view how many resources are spend the browser processes. Here are displayed as tabs and extensions. For example, the extension Password Checkup, Google released not so long ago, the memory consumption is comparable with four open tabs, therefore such solutions it is desirable to drop on slower computers.

Delete browsing data

To date, to delete temporary files, cookies, cache many probably passed in the main browser settings, but this is not necessary. It is sufficient to select this item in the additional tools and then you can erase the temporary files of your browser, freeing 200-500 megabytes of memory.

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