Google Chrome crashes after updating. What to do

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is most popular browser in the world, it can safely be considered one of the most problematic. If you drive in the search bar the name of the browser, the algorithms will be offered to add to it a description of or other failure. As a result, the Network began to appear sites specialized in the description of the functionality of Google Chrome and how patches of different kinds of defects, which – it seems – Google does not even think to fix it, and sometimes even throws up a new one.

Google Chrome crashes unexpectedly? He’s the anti-virus conflict

After the release of Google Chrome for number 78, whose release was last week, users began to complain of spontaneous crashes of the browser. Apparently, the problem only occurs on the PC version, manifesting itself only on computers running Windows 10. In any case, complaints from users of other platforms, like Chrome OS, macOS or Linux have been reported, although it is necessary to admit – they are not an example of less popular than the operating system from Microsoft.

I used to love Google Chrome

According to Techdows, the reason for the departures was a new defense mechanism that appeared in the updated version of Google Chrome. It is called the renderer code integrity and, in simple terms, blocks attempts to wrest control of the web pages. The fact that malicious users sometimes post on their websites special scripts that are embedded in the neighboring links. This allows them to build in a totally benign web pages, phishing links or malicious trackers.

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The mechanism of the renderer code integrity came into conflict with anti-virus software installed on users ‘ computers. However, the problem was not that the antivirus took the mechanism of action for malicious activity, and is exactly the opposite. As it turned out, some antivirus programs are trying to infiltrate Google Chrome. Usually this was done to prevent navigation to malicious sites, however, the browser does not understand this, which fails, and the page is closed.

How to disable renderer code integrity

To exclude a conflict situation, the easiest way is to disable the operation of the renderer code integrity mechanism. Fortunately, Google provides such an opportunity.

  • To do this, go to your desktop and click Chrome right-click of the mouse.
  • Go to “Properties” — “Target”;
  • In the box put a space and type the disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity;
  • When the need arises, refer back to this paragraph and delete the entered data.

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Most likely, in the near future Google will release the Google Chrome update with the fix for the bug that was causing the conflict. It is therefore imperative that after you install the update you deleted entered in row data, removing a lock mode renderer code integrity. If this is not done, the browser will not be able to effectively protect your data from activities of criminals who sometimes act so subtly, to understand that the vast majority of users is quite beyond the power of, and protect them using special tools and protection algorithms.

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