Google Chrome browser has become more thirst memory

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The company said Google this week, it’s done automatically techniques and the isolation of the site that we had to add it to their web browser Google Chrome Chrome to mitigate the impact of vulnerabilities related products Spectre, which was discovered by researchers of the giant sea in the beginning of 2018, where it caused these techniques an increase of Between 10 and 13 percent in relation to the use of RAM.

This is bad news for those who feel that the Chrome browser Chrome already uses random access memory more than necessary, although the Chrome browser is considered the most common globally, where the company announced during the its conference for developers 2015 Google I/O about exceeding the number of users million an active person, but it is known that he uses a lot of memory, especially when the user have many tabs open.

Includes Charlie Reese Charlie Reis of Google that “the isolated location is a significant change in the behavior of chrome, but it should not cause visible changes in general, where lead isolation site leadership to Chrome create more processes of the presentation, which comes with trade-offs to performance, as the browser to use the random access memory an additional increase by 10-13 percent because of the larger number of operations, and our team continuously work to improve this behavior to keep Chrome fast and safe”.

And news related to add a browser technologies to protect against the attacks of the Specter is generally good, but the idea of using random access memory extra wouldn’t be welcome by many Chrome users who often complain about the amount of RAM consumed by the browser, especially those using devices with random access memory capacity of 4 GB or less, but Google promised to work to reduce the impact of the technique of isolation of the site.

Google claims they did this campaign up to 99 percent of the users browser on the Macintosh and Windows operating systems and Linux and Chrome, according to the company, has been retained by 1 percent in order to monitor and improve performance, and users can When you launch the fabric 68 of the browser later this month to ascertain whether the isolation site is in the Run mode or not by typing chrome://process-internals in the address bar, indicating that this link does not work in version 67 of the browser.

The company also promised the inclusion of the technique to isolate the location within the fabric 68 of the Chrome browser for the Android system, she explained: “we work also for any additional security checks in relation to the browser, which allows to evaluate the isolation of the site of mitigation from the attacks of the Spectre and any attacks outside the area of this gap.

The giant of the sea, in collaboration with Intel, has revealed in the month of January for loopholes processor Spectre and Meltdown, which prompted many companies such as Microsoft and other software makers to deploy fixes for these gaps, and Intel to the next generation of chip will be immune against this kind of attack.

And Google too, as the maker of a number of platforms the core, to mitigate the effects of gaps Specter and the Meltdown in their own products, including Chrome and Chrome, which is the basis of Chrome OS, the company added in browser feature “isolation site”, which improve security and help in mitigating the risks posed by a loophole Spectre.

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