Google Chrome and Android have fake URLs.. how do you know?

Check the address bar of the site to make sure the legitimacy of the Website is intuitive, but it turns out that Google Chrome Android is suffering from a loophole, where you may receive the addresses of fake websites.

Gap application Google Chrome allows the interests website to replace the user interface, including the address bar of the sites and the tab button, image matching contain the address of fake.

If you notice when using Google Chrome Android, the address bar and the tab button and disappear when you drag down a site, and are appearing to drive up. But developer Jim Fisher discovered that it can hide the address bar and the tab button of the interface once you drag down and without that the suffer appear when you swipe up.

So the loophole can be exploited to display a fake image to the highest interface website after you hide the address bar the original; to be fooled the user that in the website correct, it is in fact to another site.

One of the unsettling aspects about the gap that he may disobey the user leave the website fake, it is supposed to be easy. once you click on the back button, but there is another loophole cause the disable buttons refer browser Chrome, a problem working with Google to solve it soon.

The best way at the moment to make sure that you are on the right website is lock the phone and unlock it and you Browser Chrome, because it forces the Chrome browser to show the address bar real; if the web address is correct will appear on the tape only, and if you location a fake will be shown the web address of the real conditions of the top and the bottom title is fake, as you can see the picture.

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