Google chrome 64 cut the growths of the links when you share it

Feature update browser Google Chrome 64 remove links pseudo

While surfing the Internet through the browser Google Chrome may encounter in most cases, the URLs of laboratory or links are corrupted and may damage your phone or enter your at the end of it into the websites and the pages of the new tab I don’t want to get into them and cause chaos in your device .

And of course you don’t want to see a link contains the growths is not necessary to cause chaos when you watch it , so he started the Chrome browser recently interest in this problem and search for solution as of version v64 google chrome, the browser downloads the appendages unnecessary in the end titles of the links .

Download Chrome 64 clean the links before sharing them automatically

I have uploaded this new version of google chrome 64 that was released a few months ago, features better than any of the previous versions, where support to prevent sites heavy on ads from open windows or new tabs without the user’s permission, as it includes browser updated a new setting allows users to mute the entire Web, where you can access it from the Settings menu and then site settings, but sites have to make it for each Web site that you want to ignore.

When you load a stack of 64 you can simplify the address of any link automatically when you use the share menu links in Chrome , but not the custom tabs of chrome. Other than Chrome 63 and previous versions of

نسخ URL متصفح كروم 63
Copy the URL of the Chrome browser 63
google chrome 64
google chrome 64

You can copy the link to clipboard or share directly to another application without the need to any settings . If you highlight the address bar link and select the text manually, you can still get the link address in full with all appendages unwanted in the end.

It is expected that this feature is linked to the URLs on the home page that appeared in Google Chrome from a while and it seems that the simplification of the public URL appears differently. It does not work in version v63 of chrome or an earlier version, but its available in version v64 .

In some cases when you want to copy the URLs manually to avoid this feature. This will remove the URL the browser Chrome to remove the signs of profit that carry the page to a specific location .

But this feature may be disturbing to some, for example, when viewing the registration page of Amazon cross-browser V64 or one will analyse the top of the page only , but it is incredibly useful where you can share links via Apps the conversation and chat with your friends without any growths and simple.



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