Google choose to nod back in the Android Q to get the place back button

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Due to the fact that we saw more of the smartphone manufacturers choose to build screen free from the frame in its smart phones, it also means that the Android integration with it by getting rid of the actual buttons, buttons, virtual and gestures as the perfect way to interact with the operating system and applications. Already, we’ve seen Google adopt some of the gestures implementation in the phones of the Google Pixel 3, but it seems now they require to enhance it.

According to a recent report on the developers forum XDA Developers, it seems that the company Google is testing a gesture ” back ” in Android Q. at the present time, users of Android back to back by clicking the back button on the screen. That’s the way it is used since many years, but it seems that the company Google is testing the use of nod factors, as an alternative mechanism of the former.

It looks like it might be a good idea because the use of gestures can be easier compared to clicking on the back button. However, the downside to nod factors is that this gesture can interfere with some apps and the laws of design set forth in the guidance for Material Design.

However, these are just tests, at present, the system is still Android Q in the pilot phase, which means that nod factors may not make their way to the official version and stable of Android Q. If you are interested in learning how to nod back new, you can check the video below :

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