Google choose to feature to help you spell the words with an accent different

قوقل تختبر ميزة لمساعدتك على تهجئة الكلمات وبلهجات مختلفة

Things that can not stop, quest Google permanent to make people’s lives easier in the areas of corners and no intervention by others, and this continues with the new feature in the search engine to help spell difficult words and access to correct pronunciations to avoid problems.

Considers new feature is perfect for anyone who wants to learn new words or to spell a word is to read it without hearing it before, where would Google the possibility to spell out the word slowly until you understand them, as well as its pronunciation in different dialects even up the user to utter the most suitable, for example, will help the search engine the word word in English American and British and Australian, which means access to a healthier the word according to the target place.

Undoubtedly such additions help a lot, despite its simplicity, since there are a lot of tricky words word which is different pronunciation from place to place; like the English in many of the states, or the Russian in the countries of the former Soviet Union is different, or Portuguese between Brazil and the mother and others.

It is worth mentioning that this feature is available in the English language currently began to appear for some users, but we hope to have other languages at launch.

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