Google choose to display video ads in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Nobody likes watching ads, but difficult to avoid it while using the free services of use. If you are not satisfied with seeing ads while browsing the web or watching videos on YouTube, her for the worse because Soon you will see video ads in the Google Play Store too. Not just any ads, the idea that Google is testing video ads in the Google Play Store, and confirmed the company Google the day they choose a new type of advertising on the official application store of its own.

Confirmed Google Inc. some of the media that the ads the video you are testing it currently in the Google Play Store will not run automatically, and this is the best user experience in general. However, I don’t think that the Google Play Store does not know the ads from before. In fact, the ads were showing up in the search results in the succession of ” Home ” between now and then, and the company Google that the ads in the Google Play Store has resulted in more than 10 million of operation install applications for software developers.

Experience Google also ads equivalent which allows users to watch the clip further to break down barriers within the game such as points or operations of the lifting force. This will allow developers to place ads reward ad network AdMob ( the advertising network, apps from Google ) through this test also. Before concluding we would like to point out that whether Google will launch this new form of advertising on a large scale or not depends on the observations and comments that you will get company Google.



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