Google choose a new design for their application Phone “Phone”

Over the years, interest in the Google application default Phone “Phone”, and it was this interest originally stemmed from the requests of users, we saw the advantages of integration with video calls and features of local search and some of the customizations other phones pixel camera, but didn’t notice any change on the design of the phone since a very long time.

But it seems that it would report where the company chooses to apply this new update sums up not the company’s intention in changing the design of the application interface, where it is noted that it is move tabs from top to bottom in the navigation bar organization

As well as that this is the trial version, load the same tabs the previous four, but with the addition of text, as is noted in the image above, where there is a quick contact, Call History, Contacts, and finally voice mail, and finally as is the case with all operations of the test apps, may not appear the Update for all users, or can we see you on the phones without the other and, I mean, phones Google, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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