Google changed the name of the Google app Files Go to ” Google Files“, and updated the interface of the application

Google Files

The company Google to launch the File Manager application Google Files Go in late last year, and as the name suggests, this app has been customized for users of smartphones equipped with the Android Go light. Well, I’ve proven that this app is popular even among the users of the Android core, so that prompted Google Inc to change name to ” Google Files “.

It was supposed to help Google Files Go users to clean up the mess in the memory and limited storage on Android phones Go to their own. However, I noticed Google that the app has grown to 30 million monthly active users, some of them are using this app in a phones powerful, with memory storage great. We believe that it is easy to lose a file in the memory storage with a capacity of 128GB compared to 8GB, where does that leave you the missing files and consume space.

Google didn’t write change the name of the app, has also made changes to his design to put your content in the editor. However, all the functions of the original including file sharing without internet access still exist. Generally, you can get the Google app Files from here.



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