Google buys technology mysterious depth in hours smart company Fossil versus $ 40 million

Fossil - WearOS

The company announced the Fossil Group announced today that it reached a deal with Google Inc to sell classified technology relating to the hours smart for 40 million USD. This is the page to buy the ownership rights to this technology, in addition to joining some of the members of the research and development team, a subsidiary of Fossil to Google.

Will this deal eventually lead to the launch of the ” innovative product of the new has yet to reach the market“, at least according to Mr. Greg McKelvey, who serves as executive vice president and head of Department of strategies and digitization in the company Fossil Group.

The company has developed Fossil this technique mysterious of through the use of what you got when they acquired the company Misfit in the year 2015 compared to $ 260 million USD. Mr. Greg McKelvey : ” based on nothing outside of our schedule, it’s a new technology on the market, we believe that product features and benefits are not in class today. “

There is a new series of smart watches are coming with this technology, but it seems that it will not be using this technology by Google and Fossil only, it seems that the company Google wants to make it available to all its partners who use the system WearOS, this is probably the reason why Google Inc. to sign this page in the first place.

On this subject, stated the deputy head of the department Product Management WearOS at Google, Ms. Stacey Burr said : ” We have seen some of the techniques that were developed that we believe they can stand out in a way more spacious if Google owns the technology, be able company Fossil to continue to use it, but it will be given also to the other partners, it’s all about bringing the great features of a larger number of consumers during the development “.

Will the completion of this deal between Google and Fossil Group this month, although both companies refuse to disclose the date of the arrival of the first smart watches that take advantage of this secret technology to the market.


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