Google broke quick charging of their smartphones in Android 9.0 Pie

Update Google Pixel XL of the first generation to Android 9.0 Pie may lead to disabling fast charge. On this forum technical support Google said owners of the affected devices. According to them, the problem manifested itself in one of the beta builds of OS remained in the final version of the update.

As shown by the analysis of the situation, charging speed Google Pixel XL remains low regardless of the connected charger. According to one user, he has a memory of five samples, two of which were produced by the Google, but none of them manages to activate the function fast charging.

Not a quick charging for Google Pixel XL

Judging by the abundance of comments on the impossibility of using fast charging, the problem is massive. In any case, such unanimity in the rhetoric of smartphone users, Google was found not so often. At the time of publication of the material on 13 August counted about a hundred complaints.

It is noteworthy that the very first topic on this issue was closed with the notation “Not corrected (impossible)” without clarifying comments from the official representatives of Google. Such formulations are typically applied in cases where a fault is caused by third-party software or external device.

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