Google bring theme Dark Chrome packaged app on the platform landed

I started the Google company in the payment update for the Chrome browser recently offered through his choice of theme Dark app interface for users.

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Apply the new update to apply Google Chrome browser that comes issue No. 74.0.3729.112 on the platform landed with a theme of the dark associated with the users of the application.

Can enable the feature theme dark New via copy the link to chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode in the search bar on the application of Chrome, and then the user can click in the slider menu on Android Chrome UI dark mode select enable the default skin to the dark in the Settings app.

Recall that this update to apply the Chrome browser also adds a translation feature to the side of the theme The Dark, where this water come through the telly new in the menu to support user translation of quick pages search where this feature supports translation to English or any other languages.

Also scheduled to appear choose upgrade when you recognize the browser of the differing language page for the language used often by the user, it is planned that this version of Google Chrome in the Google Play Store now.


I know of

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