Google bring new tools to their users make it the control settings privacy more easily

Now privacy is of the utmost concern for internet users in 2018, especially after the scandals of leaked data that hit the giant companies like Facebook. And because Google owns a lot of data and know everything about almost they provide to its users tools and help to their statements, these tools of today are becoming more easily.

Google says Save All information related to users such as the history of searches and places visited, has always been the user able to control this data and its go to account settings Google Account Settings. The company want to make this process smoother and easier.

Starting from the day the user will be able to review the history of the searches and clear it directly from the search page without the need to do additional steps, and other tools available here is the ability to adjust the settings that relate to the notifications and outcomes of the ad hoc.

According to the new procedure will be able to user reviews the activities of recent searches and delete them fast access to the tools of privacy control in Google account and learn more about how to use your data such as control declarations, all that will be via the search page without the need to go to account settings.

These tools will amount to more Google services – including maps – on the platform of my Android and iOS devices starting from next year, while an official Google application will get the controls data in the coming weeks. The idea of these changes is to make the editing tools in Google’s data more accessible and comfortable for users.

You look like such procedures privacy concerns for users? Share your opinion in the comments.

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